A Hero Without A Name

A Hero Without A Name Chinese drama
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Title: A Hero Without A Name

Chinese Title: 川流 / Chuan Liu

Broadcast Network: Tianjin TV, Tencent

Broadcast Date: 01 April 2024

Genre: Revolutionary, Drama

Director: Wei Da Jun

Episodes: 33

Screenwriter: Wei Da Jun, Yi Ning

A Hero Without A Name Synopsis

1940s, Chengdu. College student Zheng Xiaonan was a bloody young man. He witnessed innocent people dying in Japanese bombings. Under the influence of his classmates who were Communist Party members at the university, he gave up his writing and joined the army and joined the battlefield. In a fierce battle with the Japanese army, the Sichuan Army squad was completely wiped out.

Zheng Xiaonan was rescued by the Eighth Route Army and became one of them. In this melting pot, he tempered his will, strengthened his beliefs, and grew into a Communist Party member. During the War of Liberation, Zheng Xiaonan shouldered the party’s mission and returned to the Sichuan Army and returned to Chengdu, whereupon a battle of wits and courage began. Relying on his status as an anti-Japanese hero, he instigated generals to revolt, protected progressive people, successfully resolved crises at critical moments, disrupted enemy plots, and contributed his youthful blood to the peaceful liberation of Chengdu. At dawn, the People’s Liberation Army entered the city. Zheng Xiaonan completed his mission and gained love.

A Hero Without A Name Cast

Zhang Duo as Zheng Xiaonan
Yu Xin Tian as Yang Siqing
Wang Guan as Han Shengzong
Duo Ni as Ning Kejing
Yu Bin as Xiao Gang
Feng Xiao Tong as Xue Tianshu
Han Tong Sheng as Chief Bai
Gan Yu as Zheng Qixian
Qi Zhi as Xue Qizhi

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