Drama: The Indomitable Mission (Qin Junjie, Adi Kan Qingzi)

Drama: The Indomitable Mission (Qin Junjie, Adi Kan Qingzi)
Title: The Indomitable Mission / Faith
Chinese Title: 信仰 / Xin Yang
Broadcast Network: Dragon TV
Broadcast Website: Migu Video
Broadcast Date: November 28, 2022
Director: Hua Qing
Screenwriter: Zhang Li, Geng Lianyou
Production Company: Phoenix Legend Films
Executive Producer: Jiang Hao
Producer: Xie Ning
Genre: Republican, Spy
Episodes: 42


A story set during the Chinese Civil War follows a Kuomintang officer in charge of reviewing red propaganda materials who switches sides after being inspired by the beliefs of the Communist party.
Kuomintang officer Zhao Yunfei has ventured into the Communist base of Yan’an. Under the leadership of Li Kenong, he then becomes a secret intelligence officer and is sent back to the Kuomintang as a spy in order to establish a post that can have direct communications with the Communist party from the inside.
As a secret intelligence agent, Zhao Yunfei has created earth-shattering achievements together with many other unsung heroes. Before the Liaoshen campaign, he was sent to Liao Yaoxiang’s headquarters to intercept top-secret military intelligence. After the liberation of Chongqing, Zhao Yunfei relies on his knowledge of old Kuomintang military personnel and cooperates with the Public Security Bureau to weed out the enemy’s secret agents.

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