New Year Beast And Demon Hunter

New Year Beast And Demon Hunter Chinese drama
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Title: New Year Beast And Demon Hunter

Chinese Title: 小年兽与捉妖师 / Xiao Nian Shou Yu Zhuo Yao Shi

Broadcast Network: Kuaishou

Broadcast Date: 05 February 2024

Genre: Drama, Historical

Director: Jian Bing

Screenwriter: Yang Xi Yun

Episodes: 5

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New Year Beast And Demon Hunter Synopsis

According to legend, Baijia Town was an unknown mountain village a thousand years ago. Legend had it that there was a very vicious monster. A storyteller said that the monster was named Nian Beast. Little Nian Beast and the Demon Hunter were listening on the side.

Nian Beast was very angry when she heard this, and said that they did not eat children but only ate chestnut cakes. Nian Beast’s anger caused a strong wind. Afterwards, the Demon Hunter quickly explained that she was his cousin. Sadly, a child lit some firecrackers, causing the horns of the little Nian Beast to be exposed, so the two of them had to run away.

Hearing the Legend made Nian Beast very sad because she wanted to be liked and not hated. Fortunately The Demon Hunter had a Book of Retrospection, making it possible to go back to the first New Year in history in order to see how the Nian Beast’s reputation was ruined.

New Year Beast And Demon Hunter Cast

Jian Bing as Ji Du
Yang Xi Yun as Xiao Bao

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