Love In The Desert

Love In The Desert Chinese drama
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Title: Love In The Desert

Chinese Title: 漠风吟 / Mo Feng Yin

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: He Jia Nan

Stylist: Zeng Ming Hui

Production Company: iQiyi


Adapted from the novel Da Mo Qing Shang (大漠情殇) by Jian An

Love In The Desert Synopsis


During a wedding trip, Huang Beishang met three men who could control the desert at the same time. Her fate was also involved in the struggle between the three men to dominate the desert. However, Huang Beishuang was not willing to be teased by fate. He teamed up with his sister Ge Xinwei to travel between the three major city-states, competing in the desert in both reality and fantasy, stirring up the storm!

Love In The Desert Cast


Hani Kezi as Huang Beishuang
Fang Yi Lun as Huo Qingyun
Gao Yang as Ruo Wen
Guan Chang as Ge Xinwei
Ji Ling Chen as Na Zhan
You Cong as Zhen Qu You Jia
Luo Cheng as Sha Qu


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