Dear Miss Ostrich

Dear Miss Ostrich Chinese drama
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Title: Dear Miss Ostrich

Chinese Title: 鸵鸟小姐与家政先生 / Tuo Niao Xiao Jie Yu Jia Zheng Xian Sheng

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 14 May 2024

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 24

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Dear Miss Ostrich Synopsis


It tells the story of a magazine editor who appears fashionable on the surface but is actually a complete failure at household chores. Whenever faced with a problem, they curl up and often avoid it. One day, when the regular cleaning lady who usually cleans for them is absent, she is replaced by the owner of a household company who has an extreme obsession with cleanliness and dislikes being touched by others. One is an ostrich who hides from problems, and the other is a household gentleman who wraps himself up tightly. These two individuals, originally unrelated, embark on a heartwarming journey of healing due to the strange relationship between their employer and the household gentleman.

Dear Miss Ostrich Cast


Gao Zi Tian as Fu Zhiyan
Zhuo Yi Na Mu as An Yulu
Zhu Qi Er as Su Yan


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