Hunting Chinese drama
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Title: Hunting

Chinese Title: 围猎 / Wei Lie

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Crime

Director: Li Shao Hong

Screenwriter: Li Song, Wang Pei Chen

Episodes: 36

Hunting Synopsis

After the “clearance operation”, new and old anti-narcotics officers such as Yang Yipeng and Zhi’an of the Nanzhou Anti-drug Brigade continued to hunt down the fugitive suspect Mou Sen and others in Fengmao Village and brought them to justice. In 2016, Yang Yipeng kept a close eye on Mou Haidong, the chief criminal of “Operation Suppression” who was still resisting after being arrested.

A mysterious phone number led to Mou Sen, the toxin manufacturer who escaped three years ago. The police gradually uncovered important clues leading to Mou Sen’s return to Nanzhou, prevented his plan to manufacture drugs on the beach, and cracked down on the maritime transactions between Mou Sen’s gang and buyers in Xiangjiang, achieving a staged victory.

Mou Sen, who was hit hard, started to develop a new type of drug “stamp” and secretly entered the market, harming young people. Yang Yipeng obtained important clues through disguised surveillance, and the police destroyed a drug manufacturing factory far away in southern Hunan. Mou Sen was unwilling to accept it and recruited Andy, the dark web boss, to rebuild the drug kingdom in Yunnan and Sichuan.

Yang Yipeng and new police officer Zhi’an influenced Dozai, a young man who had gone astray around Mou Sen, to become an informant and pass on key information. Yang Yipeng and his comrades rushed to Dianchuan and eventually captured Mou Sen who was hiding in the dark network base, thwarting his attempt to establish a new drug network. At this point, the hunting operation of more than three years has come to a successful conclusion.

Hunting Cast

Wang Yang as Yang Yipeng
Zhang You Hao as Duo Zai
Yu Hao Ming as Mou Sen
Deng En Xi as Zhi An
Li Cheng Ru as Mou Haidong
Xu Shao Xiong as Du Ye
Yang Hao Yu as Uncle Ma Zai
Yu Ai Lei as Luo Zhongkui
Hao Ping as Chief Fang
Feng Bing as Li Haipeng
Huang Lu as Mai Jiamin
Wen Yu as Lin Qiong
Qian Dong Ni as Tang Jinshan
Yang Yi as Ruan Yongwei
Xiao Yang as Wang Zixian
Bu Zhi Yi as Zhan Cui

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