Confess Your Love

Confess Your Love
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Title: Confess Your Love

Chinese Title: 麻烦请你先告白 / Ma Fan Qing Ni Xian Gao Bai

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 28 June 2023

Genre: Romance

Director: An Dong

Screenwriter: An Ji Er

Episodes: 24

Confess Your Love Synopsis


Lin Wan and Lu Xun were as different as two people could be. She was a very witty girl while he was the totally cold CEO bully. Somewhere in their getting to know each other, it turned into love through a tug of war confession. But are they really meant to be?

Confess Your Love Cast


Zheng Nai Xin as Lin Chen / Lin Wan (voiced by Chen Bo Yu)
Song Ji Yang as Lu Xun (voiced by Zhang Ze Hao)
Dong Yan as Liu Yan (voiced by Liu Mei Ou)
Zhang Yong Bo as Zheng Ziyan
Zhao Shuai as Meng Jiao
Liu Ya Kun as Lu Feng


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