Kuang Cao Chinese drama
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Title: Kuang Cao

Chinese Title: 狂草 / Kuang Cao

Broadcast Network: Douyin

Broadcast Date: 05 February 2024

Genre: Historical

Director: Zhi Hui, Li Mu

Screenwriter: Ruo Yi

Producer: Tao Shu

Episodes: 98 (Season 1), 100 (Season 2)

Kuang Cao Synopsis

Yunlan Tianzun has ruled the world for many years, but Zhou Feng, a branch of the Celestial Clan hidden in the human world, has always been unwilling to surrender. Yunlan Tianzun did not send troops to annihilate Zhou Feng. Uncharacteristically, he sent the first war god under his command, You Chenshuo, to go to Zhou Feng as an undercover agent.

He thought that meeting Wang Yaoyang of Zhou Feng would cause a bloody storm, but he did not expect that they both had a strong interest in the traditional calligraphy culture. Kuang Cao has a strong interest in each other. They are both masters of calligraphy. After repeated discussions, they eliminated their prejudices against each other. They also learned the secrets of Yunlan Tianzun’s past. The two decided to work together to complete the great cause. When Yunlan Tianzun found out, he became furious. What would Yaoyang Chenshuo do in this situation?

Kuang Cao Cast

Han Xiao Yao as Yao Yang
Zhou Zi Xun as Yun Lan Tian Zun
Zhang Yu Han as Zhu Ge
Li Ze Kun as Chen Shuo

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