The White Olive Tree

The White Olive Tree Chinese drama
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Title: The White Olive Tree

Chinese Title: 白色橄榄树 / Bai Se Gan Lan Shu

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Military, Romance

Director: Hai Tao, Wang Jun Xi

Co-Director: Huang Chun, Zhou Wei

Screenwriter: Yang Qian Zi, Han Hao

Producer: Han Hao

Production Company: iQiyi

Episodes: 40

The White Olive Tree Synopsis

Liangcheng Satellite TV female reporter Song Ran suddenly encountered danger while performing a reporting mission in the turbulent Dongguo. Fortunately, she was rescued by Li Zan, a Chinese demolition engineer who was volunteering in Dongguo. Li Zan was deeply attracted by her gentleness and innocent heart with great love.

During many interactions with Song Ran, Li Zan also discovered that this girl looked weak on the outside, but was actually brave and strong, with a heart full of justice and kindness. The same ideals and compatible souls created a spark of love between the two. However, a sudden explosion put an end to this budding relationship. After returning to China, both of them fell into a trough in life and even lost contact with each other.

Li Zan felt guilty and remorseful because his friend died trying to save him during the bombing, while Song Ran was controversial because of a photo taken during the bombing. Both of them suffered from physical and mental pain. By chance, they met again, and gradually their lives got back on track. Together, they planted white olive tree seeds.

The White Olive Tree Cast

Chen Zhe Yuan as Li Zan
Liang Jie as Song Ran

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