Hero Is Back Chinese drama
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Title: Hero Is Back

Chinese Title: 镇魂街之热血再燃 / Zhen Hun Jie Zhi Re Xie Zai Ran

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Director: Zhong Qing

Screenwriter: Li Yuan Xiao

Producer: Zhou Shuai Bo

Production Company: Youku, Nice Film

Episodes: 24

Adapted from the manga Rakshasa Street (镇魂街) by Xu Chen (许辰)

Hero Is Back Synopsis

It tells the story of Cao Yanbing, a descendant of Wei Wu who has the body of a martial god, Xia Ling who has a mysterious guardian spirit, and Beiluo Shimen, the former soul-suppressing general. With their different purposes, they went to the Forest of Sky God to find the ancient Luhua Tower. The danger is everywhere and there are many crises. They supported each other along the way, completed the experience and growth in difficult situations, and also discovered some shocking secrets…

Hero Is Back Cast

Ao Rui Peng as Cao Yanbing
Zhang Yu Xi as Xia Ling
Jin Jia as Bei Luo Shi Men
Liu Mei Tong as Yan Ruofu
Li Jun Yi as Li Xuanyan
Xu Shi Yue as Yan Qiaoqiao
Jing Yan Jun as Yan Fengtuo
Chen Zi Han as Yan Lingyu
Ke Nai Yu as Xuan Ma
Chen Meng Xi as Pao Lingyun
Huang Zhi Wei as Huangfu Long Dou
Song Han Yu as Shen Yuanqing
Yu Lang as Tang Xiaoxiao
Deng Jing Hong as Lang Da
Lin Bai Rui as Prince Yue

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