Da Guo Nian De

Da Guo Nian De Chinese drama
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Title: Da Guo Nian De

Chinese Title: 大过年的 / Da Guo Nian De

Broadcast Network: Douyin

Broadcast Date: 14 February 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Shen Hong Xiang

Episodes: 16

Da Guo Nian De Synopsis

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the day when thousands of families reunite, 30-year-old Gu Xiaomei encounters a crisis of love and family relationships at the same time. In a few years, Gu Xiaomei and her childhood sweetheart husband, He Quan, have reached a critical point of whether to “separate” or “make do”. As New Year’s Eve was approaching, Gu Xiaomei and He Quan set out on their way back home with their bags in hand, wondering whether to divorce. But unexpectedly, in being forced to get along with each other, I found a new answer…

Da Guo Nian De Cast

Xu Meng Jie as Gu Xiaomei
Li Chuan as He Quan

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