The Moment I Met You

The Moment I Met You Chinese drama
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Title: The Moment I Met You

Chinese Title: 不遇云裳不遇你 / Bu Yu Yun Shang Bu Yu Ni

Broadcast Network:

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Ding Yang Guo

Screenwriter: Ma Guang Yuan, Xue Hui


The Moment I Met You Synopsis

Mao Buyu, the heir of the God Catcher family, falls in love with Chu Yunshang, a flower girl who conceals the identity of the leader of the thief family. To break his ancestral precepts and marry the flower girl Yun Shang, Mao Buyu issued a military order to capture the leader of the robbers and was promoted to the six-door arrester. Faced with the responsibility of inheriting the family mission, Yun Chang had to continue between the leader of the robbers and the flower girl. Changing identities, a cat-and-mouse battle quietly begins.

The Moment I Met You Cast

Ren Hao as Mao Buyu
Song Yi Ren as Chu Yunshang
Li Yu Hao as Luo Wuxia
Yun Qian Qian as Zhi Zhi
Zhang Si Fan as Mei Guangzu
Zhao Yao Ke as Chu Xiangling
Zhao Qian as Luo Wushuang
Li Xi Zi as Su Peng
Zeng Yao Hui as Yue Lun
Wang Jun Bi as Shen Yidie
Han Yu Tong as Shen Yidi
Pei Zheng Zheng
Chen Yu Ming
Du Zhao as Luo Shixun

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