The Assassin Chinese drama
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Title: The Assassin

Chinese Title: 隐娘 / Yin Niang

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Mystery

Director: Qi Qi Yi

Screenwriter: Zhao Yan

Producer: Li Jie Wen, Wang Yun Qing

Production Company: CMC Studios

Episodes: 24

The Assassin Synopsis

The story is set against the backdrop of the turbulent mid-Tang Dynasty after the Anshi Rebellion. Various feudal vassals plotted to separate the empire. Qingyi Mansion, which protects the imperial city, and Jianghu Secret Realm teamed up to eradicate hidden dangers to the imperial court, and Bai Yujing came into being.

Externally, it is a compassionate place for homeless women. Internally, it is a secret place in the mountains where female assassins are trained. These assassins either hide in the streets or hibernate in wealthy families, using the name “Yinniang” Waiting for the opportunity. In troubled times, the fate of women is like a thread of catkins. They experience the tempering of life, death, love, hate, and betrayal in Bai Yujing. They want to break free from the prison of fate, but unexpectedly they are involved in a shocking conspiracy that is gradually taking shape. In order to protect the people of the world,

The Assassin Cast

Qin Lan as Ning Jinghai
Zheng Ye Cheng as Zhu Jing / Jing Zhen
Hu Lian Xin as Zhao Liusha
Du Chun as Jin Shaoyin
Shaun Tam as Kun Chen
Chen Yu Nong as Kun Chen (young)
Tian Ai as Qin Xuan
Sun Qian Lan as Cui Bingxin
Cheryl Yang as Madame Ning Bi
Mandy Wong as Chi Ruoqing
Gallen Lo as Xiao Yuandao
Yvonne Yung as Madame Xiao
Jin Song as Huang Guo

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