The Victims Movie
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Title: The Victims

Chinese Title: 被害人 / Bei Hai Ren

Release Date: 03 April 2024

Genre: Crime, Suspense

Director: Xu Wei, He Wenchao

Screenwriter: Wu Jing

Chief Producer: Tao Hong

The Victims Movie Synopsis

The killing committed one night ten years ago was just the tip of the iceberg. Police officer Yuan Wenshan discovers that there is more to the story behind a simple robbery with homicide. With three cases to crack, who is lying? Who is telling the truth?

Ten years ago, Yuan Wenshan came to town to investigate a child trafficking case. Before he could solve it, a murder occurred. Singer Guan Xiuying is found strangled to death inside the car parked across the Yellow Bird Restaurant. All her valuables have disappeared. Yuan Wenshan is given seven days to crack what seems to be an ordinary robbery with homicide case.

Yuan Wenshan and his partner He Yuan begin to investigate the people involved. At the time of the incident, Xiao Yazhen and Zheng Wei were signing divorce papers nearby. Li Hai, a foreman who came to discuss renovations, and two lovers of the deceased are also being questioned.

Everyone insists on their own alibi. Just as Yuan Wenshan narrows the suspects down to the mysterious gangster Xu Gang, the “murderer” fall from a high building to his death. Meanwhile, a deadly traffic accident also occurred a few months ago in this small town. The victim was no longer recognizable and the culprit left no clues. Yuan Wenshan senses that the three seemingly ordinary cases are weaving an invisible and intricate web.

The Victims Movie Cast

William Feng Shaofeng as Yuan Wenshan
Tao Hong as Xiao Yazhen
Huang Jue as Zheng Wei
Tu Songyan as Li Hai
Su Xin as Jing Yuan
Maggie Huang Mengying as Guan Xiuying
Patrick Zhang Haiyu as Xu Gang

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