The Legend of Meng Po Movie
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Title: The Legend of Meng Po

Chinese Title: 孟婆传说 / Meng Po Chuan Shuo

Release Date: 03 March 2024

Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Duration: 1 hr. 30 min

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The Legend of Meng Po Synopsis

Meng Wan Er was originally the daughter of the Heavenly Emperor. She is demoted to the mortal world because she falls in love with Shi Tu, one of the top ten ancient generals. She still wants to be with Shi Tu but eventually lets go of her obsession with becoming Meng Po. Meng Wan Er goes from simply pursuing her own love to brewing Meng Po Soup at Naihe Bridge to relieve everyone’s suffering. She experiences a huge transformation from a small self to a larger self, which enables her to let go of her own troubles, willingly sacrifice herself for others, make selfless contributions, and realize her true value in life.

The Legend of Meng Po Cast

Li Yu Tong as Meng Wan Er
Leon Lai as Shi Cha

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