Miss Mystery Chinese drama
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Title: Miss Mystery

Chinese Title: 迷情庄园 / Mi Qing Zhuang Yuan

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 10 October 2023

Genre: Republican, Romance, Revenge

Director: Lin Yi

Producer: Yan Ke Shu

Episodes: 24

Miss Mystery Synopsis

Xue Tong, the daughter of a wealthy family, witnessed her entire family being massacred in her childhood. Eighteen years later, Xue Tong returned to her hometown under the alias “Lin Bao’er and hatched an elaborate plan to eliminate the murderers of her family. However, her plans were disrupted by an engagement, and she unexpectedly became the fiancée of Zhu Guanwen, the son of her enemies… Under the disguise of skilled flirtation, who would emegre victorious in the game?

Miss Mystery Cast

Chen Shu Jun as Xue Tong / Lin Bao’er
Yang Ye Ming as Zhu Guanwen
Wu Jing Xin as Dou Lili
Zhao Yan Qiao as Second Madam
Wang Cheng as Bai Xiaosheng
Sui Ming Yang as Zhu Mao
Yue Chun Yu as Yang Jian
Liu Zhan Kui as Qian Tong
Yu Shui Ge as Wang Kang
Du Jiang Shan as Xiao Jing
Man Ning Xi as Madame Xue

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