No, Handsome Guy

No, Handsome Guy Chinese drama
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Title: No, Handsome Guy

Chinese Title: 帅哥不可以 / Shuai Ge Bu Ke Yi

Also known As: Don’t Fall in Love with Handsome Man No

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 06 March 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Ren Ting Lu

Screenwriter: Wang Meng

Producer: Zhang Cheng Yang

Episodes: 20

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No, Handsome Guy Synopsis

Ye Ran loves drawing manga but can only accept handsome guys from the world of anime. She actively avoids handsome guys in the real world and lacks confidence. Unexpectedly, her immediate superior, Meng Zhao, is not only a fan of her manga but also the most feared handsome guy in her life. Terrified, Ye Ran tries to avoid him, but Meng Zhao relentlessly pursues, leading to a comical and unconventional romantic relationship between the two.

No, Handsome Guy Cast

Main Roles

Zhao Yue as Ye Ran / Ye Dang / Ye Xin
Lin Feng Song as Meng Zhao

Supporting Roles

Si Wai Ge as Chen Zhuangzhuang
Li Ruo Jia as Lisa
Ma Di Ni as Lin Meina
Zhu Cheng Wei as Su Chi
Zhong Ke Fan as Yu Feng
Liu Meng as mysterious killer
Liu Yu Lu as show girl

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