Liu Guang Yin Chinese drama
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Title: Liu Guang Yin

Chinese Title: 流光引 / Liu Guang Yin

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Xuanhuan, Romance

Director: Cheng Yuan Hai

Screenwriter: Wang Yu

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Feibao Media

Episodes: 40

Liu Guang Yin Synopsis

Han Ziqing, the concubine of the Prime Minister’s Palace, accidentally crossed paths with Bei Yue, the God of War of Tianming, and was forced to be involved in a continental dispute with powerful countries and many foreign races.

The poison of Meixiang leads to the mystery of Han Zizui’s life experience, and the seven musical notes scattered across the continent are the clues brought back to his hometown: To uncover the mysteries one by one, Han Ziqing and Jun Beiyue embark on the road of T-severe obstacles. , fighting wits and courage with various hidden powerful forces on the Longyuan Continent – the ant-man skin in the deep sea, the mysterious world of special grass: and also exploring many secret areas of the mainland that are impossible for ordinary people to reach, such as Qinyaohai Valley, Serpentine Island and the only existence Caught in the legend. The two went through many hardships and tests, finally solved the mystery of their life experience, killed all kinds of evil poisons, and protected Long Yuan’s peace and tranquility. The love between Han Ziqing and Jun Beiyue also finally became a good fruit.

Liu Guang Yin Cast

Zhang Han as Jun Beiyue
Zhu Xu Dan as Han Ziqing
Yao Chi as Xuanyuan Li Ge
Hai Ling as Chu Feiyan
Ren Shi Hao as Baili Wei Sheng
Luo Shi Qi as Nangong Qian Qian
Wang Hao Xiang as Situ Hao Nan
Peng Ya Qi as Xuanyuan Zhao Xi
Li Yu Xuan as Jun Beichen
Yang Jing Yi as Jiao Sha
Wang Zi Fei as Situ Xin Er
Guo Xing as Han Xi’er

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