Under The Moonlight Chinese drama
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Title: Under The Moonlight

Chinese Title: 风月锦囊 / Feng Yue Jin Nang

Broadcast Network: CCTV, Hunan TV, Mango TV

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance, Investigation

Production Company: Tangren Media

Episodes: 38

Under The Moonlight Synopsis

It tells the story of Luo Shu, who has a bumpy fate and dares to save himself despite being trapped in a quagmire. He meets Qi Menglin, a high-spirited man who only wants to make a career in the world. The two work together through thick and thin to investigate the case. Many of the cases they participated in involved mostly women. Whenever they saw a poor woman in a case, they tried their best to help her get justice. With the confusing case and the complex and unpredictable human heart, can they find the truth behind the mystery? Can they discern each other’s sincerity and gain true love and freedom?

Under The Moonlight Cast


Supporting Roles

Hu Bing Qing as Luo Shu
Zhai Zi Lu as Qi Menglin
He Peng as Han Mu
Ding Xiao Ying as Liu Wan

Supporting Roles


Feng Xiao Tong as Chen Meiqing
Li Jia Xin as Jin Miaocui
Zhai Yu Jia as Constable Cai
Sun Ya Li as Cai Baozi
Liu Chang De as Coroner Xu
Zhang Xiao Chen as Qin Yan
Zhou Lu La as Qi Yanjin
Shao Feng as Govenor Liu
Yu Bo as Hua Tuo
Ji Ta as Mei Changxiong
Shen Tai as Lin Xiong
Chi Jia as Zhou Xian
Shu Ya Xin as He Shenwei
Wang Ce as General Qi
Liu Yuan Yuan as Mother Yu
Li Yi Xiao as Third Aunt Liu
Li Hao Fei as Qiao Ruolan
Yang Zhi Wen as Zao Hua
Lin Yuan as Xue Wenyin
Jing Ru Yang as Jin Yuzhen
Wen Xin as Xiao Yue
Lin Chen Han as Mei Hongying


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