Tiger And Crane

Tiger And Crane Chinese drama
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Title: Tiger And Crane

Chinese Title: 虎鹤妖师录 / Hu He Yao Shi Lu

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 02 October 2023

Genre: Xuanhuan, Adventure, Youth, Mystery

Director: Guo Hu

Screenwriter: Nian Jian Lun, Cheng Fang, Wang Ge Wen, Zhang Shao Shuai

Production Company: iQiyi

Episodes: 36

Tiger And Crane Synopsis


This tells the story of a group of teenagers who, for the sake of their dreams, love, and responsibility, trudge through the gloom of the chaotic world to save the world.

The optimistic and cheerful mountain orphan Hu Zi accidentally swallows a red pearl, a treasure of Yang, and befriends the cold captain who is also a clean freak, Qi Xiaoxuan, a national demon master. The two young people with very different personalities are forced to go on the road together because of a red pearl, and they make friends with Zhao Xintong, Wang Yuqian and others.

They are attracted by each other’s differences, and through some adventures, they become life-and-death friends when Qi Xiaoxuan is imprisoned in order to protect Hu Zi. In order to save Qi Xiaoxuan, Hu Zi and his partners come together to participate in the selection of the national imperial demon master, but there, they uncovered the great conspiracy of the national imperial demon master and seek to find the truth about the human-demon war five hundred years ago.

Suppressed for five hundred years, the demon army is seeking to destroy earth, and the master of the State Master Demon Division is trying to take advantage of the chaos to dominate the world. Just when the ambitions of the human and demon worlds to bring a catastrophe on earth, a group of dreamy and passionate teenagers are willing to sacrifice themselves to save the earth.

Tiger And Crane Cast

Main Roles


Jiang Long as Hu Zi
Zhang Ling He as Qi Xiaoxuan (voiced by Yi Fan)
Wang Yu Wen as Zhao Xintong
Chen You Wei as Wang Yuqian / Qian Yu
Ye Qing as Qi Yanran
Huangyang Tian Tian as Qi Yanran (young)
He Lan Dou as Fairy Yi Mei (voiced by Liu Zhi Fou)

Supporting Roles


Dai Xiang Yu as Qi Wuji (voiced by Liu Cong)
Liu Guan You as Qi Wuji (young)
Zhang Zhi Xi as Bai Hu (voiced by Wang Yu)
Fan Ming as Zhi Xie (voiced by Xuan Xiao Ming)
Shang Si Cheng as Zhi Xie (young)
Zhang Xin as Ling Zhi
Ma Yue as Ye Shengming
Zhang Mu Xi as Ximen Miao Miao
Li Yu as Big Master
Han Cheng Yu as Mo Guzi / Qian Chou
Jiang Shi Meng as Manzhu Sha Hua
Zhu Yong Teng as Qi Zilu
Dong Li Wu You as Qi Zilu (young)
Liu Zhi Yang as Zhao Lingyan
Zhao Run Nan as Wuli Dan (voiced by Ban Chuang)
Liu Yao Yuan as Cheng Qinian
Zhang Ceng Ceng as Xiao Yunzi
Gao Zhi Yang as Shui Xian
Li Ru Ge as Cu Ju
Heidi Wang as Old Madame Qi
Zhu Jie as Bai He
Zhang Yi Long as Chang Xingqiang
Liu Guan Xiang as Shopkeeper Er
Xiao Xiao Bai as Xing Zhi (voiced by Ban Chuang)
Liu Bo as Cheng Shu
Lin Jiang Guo as Zhao Haotian
Guo Wei as Senior Brother Chen
Wu Pei Rou as Mu Dan (voiced by Duan Yi Xuan)
Guo Jun as Lao Zhang
Shen Bao Ping as Zhou Youjiu
Zhang Guo Qing as Bai Xu Old Man
Wang Jiu Sheng as Liu Cong
Xi Wang as Mother Zhao
Wu Chun Yi as Hei Feng (voiced by Chu Yue)
Guo Yi Lin as Shan Cha
Zhang Zi Lin as Xiao Rou
Pu Shuai as Yu Jizi (voiced by Wang Yu)
Long De as Zhu Weng
Wang Ruo Lin as Miao Yin
Zhong Ming as Tie Lie
Guo Yu Xin as Xiao Yun
Xie Hong Xin as Wolf Boy
Dou Ding as Gou Zi
Jiang Kai as King of Qian Yu Kingdom
Li Kun as Wang Wen (voiced by Wei Yi Fan)
Li Jia Hui as Zhang Shao (voiced by San Shi)
Shu Ya Xin as Qi Wushuang (voiced by Chen Zi Ping)
Xu Dong Ming as Qi Wushuang (young)
Zhang Hao Cheng as Old Master Qi
Yu Qing as Lu Daichuan
Xiao Song Yuan as Royal Advisor
Liu Ya Peng as Xiu Damen
Song Chen as Ben Shanxian
Tan Kuo Kuo as A Ya
Li Zhen Qi as You Chanhua
Li Xue Liu as Xiao Cui
He Yun Wei as Storyteller
Cao Yang as Blind Granny
Liu Qi Yi as Gou Zi’s mother
Rong Er Jia as Blood Sucking Demon
Zhong Fu Xiang as Eunuch Liu
Xiao Tian Ren as Qi Ling Shen (voiced by Li Xi Yan)
Du Zhao as Li Tian
Han Meng Wu as Dan Dan (voiced by Xing Zi Hao)
Dong Yong as Boss of Wine Tavern (voiced by Li Hao Jia)
Zhang Zhi Wei as Old Master Zhang
Qu Gang as Old Master Zhao
Yan Jing Yao as Madame Zhang
Zhang Yi Yue as Duo Er’s mother
Zhu Hai Jun as Village Leader (voiced by Guo Hao Ran)
Ru Tian as Lao Bao
Li Guo Jing as Xu Min (voiced by Ma Yu Xin)
Shen Yan Min as Shen Po
Leng Hai Ming as Middle-aged man
Sun Yi Ping as Middle-aged woman
Jiang Xiao Lin as Black-clothed spirit
Jin Meng Yi as Qian Yu Country Boy


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