Roses & Guns

Roses & Guns Chinese drama
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Title: Roses & Guns

Chinese Title: 春日浓情 / Chun Ri Nong Qing

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 12 February 2024

Genre: Republican, Romance

Director: Zou Ji Cheng

Episodes: 18

Roses & Guns Synopsis

To find out the truth about the Wen family’s annihilation, Wen Yunong entered the Qin family under false identities. However, she reunited with her lover Qin Kewen three years ago, and her mission was repeatedly blocked. Qin Kewen returned with the purpose of revenge and vowed to expose Wen Yunong’s love liar. The two were tit for tat, but as they dealt with each other again and again, their affection grew stronger.

Roses & Guns Cast

Main Roles

Dai Yan Ni as Wen Yunong / Song Yuer
Dai Gao Zheng as Qin Kewen

Supporting Roles

Xiang Xing Yu as Qin Boyang
Peng Yi Hang as Lu Xiangxue
Lin Ya Dong as Li Shuyi
Li Jia Long as Lieutenant Jiang
Tan Kuo Ku as Mr. Wu
Shi Yu Feng as Li Weiwei
Tan Kai Wen as nightclub manager
Zhang Wen Han as Xiao He
Sun Meng Yao as Wen Yunong’s stand-in
Dong Xue Yong as Father Wen
Yan Wei as Officer Zheng
Ji Zhi Lin as kidnapper

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