Love Me, Love My Voice

Love me love voice Chinese drama
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Title: Love Me, Love My Voice

Chinese Title: 很想很想你 / Hen Xiang Hen Xiang Ni

Also known As: Missing You

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 30 November 2023

Genre: Romance, Youth, Music, Food

Director: Sha Wei Qi

Screenwriter: Mo Bao Fei Bao

Producer: Li Li Ming, Zhang Wei Lin

Stylist: Li Meng

Art Director: Liu Jing Ping

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Qi Shuo Pictures, Xing Guang Pictures

Episodes: 33

Love Me, Love My Voice Synopsis


A university student has another identity – online she is “Sheng Sheng Man” who does music for the historical genre. Although she is still a nobody, it doesn’t stop her from dreaming of the day she can collaborate with her favorite voice dubbing god “Qiang Qing Ci.”

Driven by her passion, Gu Sheng who is in her senior year is diligent in composing and creating music. Meanwhile, Mo Qingcheng is the famous voice actor known as “Qiang Qing Ci.” Gu Sheng has never told anyone that her greatest wish is to be able to work with “Qiang Qing Ci,” yet one day, she unexpectedly encounters his voice. Mo Qingcheng reads a recipe out loud to her, which stirs her heartstrings.

Love Me, Love My Voice Cast


Main Roles

Tan Jian Ci as Mo Qingcheng / “Qiang Qing Ci”
Zhou Ye as Gu Sheng / “Sheng Sheng Man”

Supporting Roles


Hou Wen Yuan as Zhou Zheng / “Jue Mei Sha Yi”, one of the top three voice artists
Cao En Qi as Feng Yasong, one of the top three voice artists
Chen Hao Lan as Dou Bing / “Mo Mo Er”, manager of Perfect Voice Studio. A former singer
Xia Ning Jun as Fei Shao, singer of Perfect Voice Studio
Liu Zhe Hui as Wang Ke, singer of Perfect Voice Studio
Kong Qing Xin as Brother Mao, chief technological officer
Shi An as Xi You, new intern and receptionist

Zhang Qiao Er as Club Leader, Main singer
Xia Zhen as Guai Guai, composer
Chen Ze as Zou Diao’er, lyricist


Liang Tian as Gu Sheng’s grandfather
Chen Guan Ning as Gu Sheng’s father
Juan Zi as Gu Sheng’s mother
Zou Ji Xin as Gu Jia, Gu Sheng’s fifth cousin. Manager of supermart
Xu Ge as Gu Sheng’s little aunt
Wu Wen Jing as Gu Sheng’s eldest cousin
Chai Hao Wei as Gu Sheng’s second cousin
Li Kun as Gu Sheng’s third cousin
Lu Yun Feng as Gu Sheng’s fourth cousin


Yang Xi Zi as Geng Xiaoxing, Gu Sheng’s university roommate and close friend
Huang Jing Xiang as Mu Mu, cosplayer
Fu Han Yuan as Mo Bai, cosplayer
Xian Zi as Mo Qiaoqiao / “Ling Long Ti Tou”, Mo Qingcheng’s cousin. A doctor and gufeng singer
Huang Er Chun as Qi Yao, Gu Sheng’s university roommate
Yang Dong Qi as CEO Zhu
Wang Zhi Yi as Dong Yiru, supermart employee. Qiang Qing Ci’s fan
Ou Jian Yu as Zhang Lele, Mo Qingcheng’s hospital colleague
Yan An as Bei Dou Xiao Xing, gufeng singer
Cu Cu as Ka Xi
Xu Xiang as A Yin
Gao Kai as Si Wuxie
Ding Bo as Jian Jian
Ding Zi Qian as Er Yue
Chen Sheng Wei as Cheng Ren Zhi Mei
Geng Yi Zhi as Pan Pan


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