Confess Your Love

Confess Your Love
Lin Wan and Lu Xun were as different as two people could be. She was a very witty girl while he was the totally cold CEO bully. Somewhere in their getting to know each other, it turned into love through a tug of war confession.

Cordial Companions

Cordial Companions Chinese drama
Lin Wanqing, the timid and hesitant leader of the Miduoduo Armed Escort Agency, infiltrates the supreme court as a part-time assassin to revive the agency. Su Moyi, the cold and ruthless official of the supreme court, plays along and gets acquainted with the kind Lin Wanqing head-on. They join forces to investigate cases and protect the imperial city

Cute Bad Guy

Cute Bad Guy Chinese drama
This is the story of Xia Yu Meng, a young cartoonist, and her creation Shen Ming Xi, the villain in her comic book. On a day when the celestial phenomenon was abnormal, Shen Ming Xi suddenly traveled

Catch Up My Prince

Catch Up My Prince
Lu Ran Ran is a medical intern who enjoys video games. She gets stuck in a new VR game and overtakes the NPC character, Lu Ren Jia. Lu Ren Jia's first task is to find a partner to fall in love with, and she finds herself entangled with the fourth prince, Zhao Chen Yi...

Better Halves

Better Halves Chinese drama
Shi Fake, is the pampered daughter of a family of matchmakers who only wants to eat, sleep and be happy, but her mother is adamant that she inherits the family trade of matchmaking. Lu Chi pretends to be a wealthy man and is secretly sent by the emperor to look into

Beauty Of Resilience

Beauty Of Resilience Chinese drama
It tells the love story between Wei Zhi, an ordinary young woman who happens to be the reincarnation of the first Phoenix, and Yan Yue the sun god.


Blooming Chinese drama
Zhao Tan Tan's senior brother has a magic flower on his forehead, and it will gradually bloom if he is emotional. The magic flower will fall into the devil's hand when it blooms.

Back From The Brink

Back From The Brink Chinese drama
After a lover's betrayal, the ancient dragon Tian Yao found himself badly wounded and heartbroken. The woman he loved betrayed him by stripping him of his dragon bones then sealing them in four directions.

An Ancient Love Song

An Ancient Love Song Chinese drama
Popular historical fiction author Shen Buyan finds himself transported back in time, encountering the "demon empress" Lu Yuan and discovers that Lu Yuan is different from what has been recorded in history. As they embark on a journey to change the course of history, an unexpected twist in their timeline emerges. Together, they strive to change their destinies.

An Old Magic

An old magic Chinese drama
It tells the story of Liu Tian, who is arrested by the imperial city chief, because of the case related to the magic. Juggler Ling Dong met, and the two people who are considered masters and apprentices were involved in this case. The case was intertwined and foggy.

A Journey To Love

A Journey To Love Chinese drama
Ren Ruyi, the former left envoy of the State of An's Scarlet Guards, who, through a twist of fate, becomes a member of the welcoming delegation from the State of Wu. Together with Ning Yuanzhou, the leader of the State of Wu's Liu Dao Hall, the free-spirited Yu Shisan, Princess Yang Ying, the clever young man Yuan Luo and the imperial guard Qian Zhao; they experience love, life, death, and growth together.