My Wife’s Double Life

My Wife's Double Life Chinese drama
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Title: My Wife’s Double Life

Chinese Title: 柳叶摘星辰 / Liu Ye Chai Xing Chen

Also known As: My Wife is a Thief

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 31 May 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Zhao Jin Tao

Screenwriter: Gao Xiao Xian

Producer: Yang Bei

Production Company: iQiyi, Rising World, Like Media

Episodes: 24

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My Wife’s Double Life Synopsis

Liu Yezei, whose real name is Liu Rong, is the legendary and mysterious thief Liu Ye. When she was 13, she was saved by Duke Su during the flood in the Southern area. In order to repay his kindness, she married Xu Muchen with the identity of Duke Su’s daughter, Su Jinzhen. However, the marriage is only by name as the couple does not have feelings for each other.

Under Duke Su’s instructions, Liu Rong sneaks into different manors to look for jade pendants. In the process, she exchanges blows with Xu Muchen. Xu Muchen does not know his gentle and kind wife is the legendary thief Liu Ye. Everytime he causes trouble for Liu Ye, he would return home to an angry wife. In the midst of exchanging blow and daily interactions, the two begin to develop feelings for each other.

My Wife’s Double Life Cast

Tang Xiao Tian as Xu Muchen
Zhuang Da Fei as Liu Rong
Shen Sheng Nan as Liu Rong (young)
Lin Feng Song as Su Jinning
Cheng Zi as Qin Mumu
Li Bo Yang as Xiao Qiu
Wang Zi Jie as Wu Zhao
Li Pei En as Mo Yan
Huang Fu Jie as Gongyang Mao Cai
Tian Zhong as Mister Gu
Song Yu Fei as Madame Xu
Zhang Xi Lin as Duke Su
Zhang Yan Yan as Wang Luocha
Fan Wei as Xiao Dong

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