Mr. Cat In The Villa

Mr. Cat In The Villa
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Title: Mr. Cat In The Villa

Chinese Title: 洋房里的猫先生 / Yang Fang Li De Mao Xian Sheng

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance

Director: Lin Qing Zhen

Producer: Zhou Tian, Song Qing He

Executive Producer: Xie Ying, Liu Jia Li

Screenwriter: Ying Yang

Production Company: Youku

Episodes: 24

Adapted from the novel Hai, Ni De Guo Chan (嗨,你的锅铲) by Ying Yang (映漾)

Mr. Cat In The Villa Synopsis

Qi Cheng, a cartoonist who suffers from social phobia, is like a cat living alone in a bungalow, delicate and sensitive. He longs for human contact but is afraid of getting close. To treat his illness, Qi Cheng’s brother and sister encouraged him to create an inspirational food comic on the advice of a psychiatrist.

For this purpose, they hired Chi Zhihan, a food anchor who looked very similar to the girl Qi Cheng liked back then, to serve as the comic. A private chef who provides him with creative inspiration. Chi Zhihan, who became Qi Cheng’s private chef, gradually melted his heart with Qi Cheng’s care and took him out of the door he had not stepped out in a long time.

Qi Cheng discovered that this girl who always had a smile as bright as the sun actually had a dark and sad side in her heart. Qi Cheng and Chi Zhihan fell in love, but Qi Ning, who had always protected her younger brother, was not optimistic about this relationship. She was worried that Chi Zhihan’s unstable emotions would affect Qi Cheng. Qi Cheng and Chi Zhihan worked together to prove that their love was no different from that of ordinary people. Qi Cheng and Chi Zhihan attended the book signing of the food comic “The Way of the God of Cooking”. He thanked everyone for their contribution to him and encouraged all those who needed help like him and Chi Zhihan to face themselves bravely. He believes that as long as With love, we can heal each other.

Mr. Cat In The Villa Cast

Hu Yi Xuan as Chi Zhihan
Ma Wen Yuan as Qi Cheng

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