Chinese Drama: Don’t be shy (Lu Yunfeng, Li Yutong)

Chinese Drama: Don't be shy (Lu Yunfeng, Li Yutong)

Title: Don’t Be Shy / Countdown of Love / Shameless and Cute

Chinese Title: 心动不可耻还很可爱 / Xin Dong Bu Ke Chi Hai Hen Ke Ai

Broadcast Website: iQIYI

Broadcast Date: April 19, 2022

Genre: Fantasy, Modern, Romance

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 12

Director: Tao Sheng

Production Company: 501 Film Co. Ltd., Top Cultural

Origin: China


A watch that is ticking in reverse and a 30-day cohabitation contract puts the domineering female CEO together with a pet mortician. Can the countdown on her life be changed?

Due to the death of her father, Shi Qianjin takes over as the new chairman of the board. However, an incident occurs and Shi Qianjin who is lucky to escape with her life wakes up to find a watch on her wrist that she cannot seem to remove no matter how hard she tries. What’s worse, its rapidly ticking in reverse, hence putting a 30-day countdown on her life.

At this time, the appearance of pet mortician Zhou Qingyan miraculously stops the watch from ticking. Desperate to do whatever it takes to survive, Shi Qianjin unscrupulously forces Zhou Qingyan to sign a 30-day contract as her personal assistant and to be by her side at all times. In order to keep his pet funeral home, Zhou Qingyan can only endure and abide by the contract. As the two get to know each other deeply, their cohabitation life also changes from one full of gunpowder to honey.

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