The Mystery House

The Mystery House Chinese drama
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Title: The Mystery House

Chinese Title: 迷屋重重 / Mi Wu Chong Chong

Broadcast Network: Migu Video

Broadcast Date: 27 January 2024

Genre: Mystery

Director: Ma Shi

Screenwriter: Chen Zi Hao, Lin Nan Nan

Episodes: 18

The Mystery House Synopsis

The story of an infatuated man Bai Xiaojun who moved to the dilapidated Tongzilou where his fiancée disappeared. To find his fiancée Chen Qiao who suddenly lost contact, and met a mysterious man there.

The beautiful intellectual beauty Sora, the two temporarily cooperated due to an accident, but they did not know that a huge conspiracy was waiting for them in this dilapidated tube building. Bai Xiaojun searched for the truth in layers of fog and gradually discovered the real reason why his fiancée disappeared.

The Mystery House Cast

Fan Jin Wei as Bai Xiaojun
Song Yi Xing as Suo La
Jin Xi Man as Bai Xiaoning
Chen Run Jin as Wan Tong
Wang Ya Qi as Chen Qiao

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