Qing Lian Jie Chinese drama
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Chinese Title: 青莲劫 / Qing Lian Jie

Broadcast Network: Various online platforms

Broadcast Date: 23 February 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Zhao Si Ying

Episodes: 76

Qing Lian Jie Synopsis

Ye Shan Zhi was originally a descendant of Nu Wa. After being sealed with divine power, she was raised by the Ye family, a family of immortal cultivators. After she accidentally saved the life of Fang Chuanlian, the god general of the country, Fang Chuanlian came to propose marriage. Due to her appearance, her sister Ye Shaohua married the wife of the god general and used the blood of Ye Shanzhi to marry Fang Chuanlian. Dispel evil spirits.

On one side are the descendants of Nuwa who are tasked with purifying the common people, and on the other are the divine generals who fight in all directions and are riddled with evil spirits. However, due to Ye Shaohua’s constant provocations, the two have misunderstandings time and time again, and they don’t know where their fate will go. Become a fairy or a demon, all in one thought…

Qing Lian Jie Cast

Zhang Zi Jian as Fang Chuanlian
Meng Huan as Ye Shanzhi
Zhang Hao Lian as Zhu Yu
Mi Le Ni as Xu Jinghu

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