Her Lovers Chinese drama
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Title: Her Lovers

Chinese Title: 前方错爱请掉头 / Qian Fang Cuo Ai Qing Diao Tou

Also known As: 她的恋人们 / Ta De Lian Ren Men

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 18 April 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Li Zhi Ru

Screenwriter: Liu Zhao Jun

Producer: Liu Zhao Jun

Episodes: 16

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Her Lovers Synopsis

(Translated) This drama focuses on the current emotional topics of urban men and women, taking the emotional experience of the heroine Tang Xiaoxiao as the main perspective, and slowly unfolds the story through an oolong incident. Fu Qian is mature and golden, and his way of expressing love is very direct – giving gifts; An Yi is young and handsome, he has the freshest topics and great energy. I think the audience will sigh for the heroine when watching the drama. Why not choose Fu Qian, so that you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of your life? Or, why not choose An Yi, it would be wonderful to fall in love with your brother.

The real reason why the heroine separated from them is exactly what this drama wants to explore, and what kind of partner is the most suitable partner. This drama will visually present the different self-states of the heroine Tang Xiaoxiao when facing three men in the plot: when facing Fu Qian, is an efficient, smart, and outstanding woman in the workplace. Even outside of work, she Unconsciously maintains this state and cannot relax: facing the simple An Yi who has just entered society, she is a mature, thoughtful sister who is good at handling the trivial matters of life, so she also has age and appearance anxiety; and only with Shen Muchen’s self when he is together is the most authentic and relaxed self who can stay up late playing games, eat high-calorie food, not clean the house, and often feel confused. This drama hopes to express to the audience in a relaxed, joyful, and hilarious plot that good relationships allow you to be your truest self. There is never a perfect lover in the world, the most suitable one is the best.

Her Lovers Cast

Zhang Xiao Wan as Tang Xiaoxiao
Zuo Ling Feng as Shen Muchen
Liu Tong as Manager
Li Ze as Fu Qian

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