Serendipity Chinese drama
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Title: Serendipity

Chinese Title: 榜上佳婿 / Bang Shang Gui Xu

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Chen Jia Lin

Screenwriter: Cheng Ting Yu

Art Director: Shao Chang Yong

Production Company: Yu Heng Film Group, Lotus Pictures

Episodes: 40

Adapted from the novel Bang Xia Gui Xu (榜下贵婿) by Luo Ri Qiang Wei (落日薔薇)

Serendipity Synopsis

Jian Mingshu, a daughter of the Jian Mansion in Jiangning, accidentally fell off a cliff and lost her memory. However, she escaped the massacre and was rescued by her sweetheart, Lu Wan. The two went to the capital to take exams together. Having always had doubts about her identity, she entered the inner house to investigate and solve the mystery, and unexpectedly obtained clues to her life experience.

However, Jian Mingshu’s investigation gradually fell into trouble. She thought she was involved in danger alone, but in fact, she had Lu Wei silently guarding her. Lu Lang’s tenderness and companionship further melted Ming Shu’s heart. The two went through dangers several times, fought hand in hand against the wind and rain, and finally confirmed their feelings and spent the rest of their lives together.

Serendipity Cast

Li Lan Di
Wang Xing Yue

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