Dazzling Him Chinese drama
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Title: Dazzling Him

Chinese Title: 耀眼的他 / Yao Yan De Ta

Also known As: 我的男友是顶流 / Wo De Nan You Shi Ding Liu / My Boyfriend Is No.1

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 12 March 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Ding Fang

Screenwriter: Lou Yan

Episodes: 24

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Dazzling Him Synopsis

Sweet girl Xuan Yi breaks up with her boyfriend at the scene of Da Lang’s cheating. After falling out of love, she accidentally becomes the assistant of the popular male idol Long Yi, helping Long Yi embark on the road of transforming into a powerful actor, accompanying him all the way, accompanying him through various difficulties, and finally helping Long Yi realize his dream of transformation, and gaining true love.

Dazzling Him Cast

Meng Lu as Xuan Yi (voiced by Ruo Jin)
Chen Sheng Heng as Long Yi (voiced by Sun Rui Yang)
Zhou Yu Peng as Ling Xiao (voiced by Jiang Qiu Zai)
Xiang Yun Jie as Wang Xiran (voiced by Cai Hai Ting)
Guo Mai Qian as Yu Dalang (voiced by Lan Tao Yi)
Wang Ren Ke as Song Xiaowan (voiced by Li Xue Jiao)
He Shao Hong as Lin Zhenghe (voiced by Yang Xiao Ran)
Li Bo Rong as Sister Hua (voiced by Chen Yi Fan )
Liang Sheng Li as director (voiced by Zhang Jia Qi)
Zhang Ya Qi as Lisa (voiced by Dong Yue)

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