Drama: So Funny Youth (He Yu, Chen Yixin, Li Jiahao, Liu Zemin)

Drama: So Funny Youth (He Yu, Chen Yixin, Li Jiahao, Liu Zemin)

Title: So Funny Youth

Chinese Title: 当你年少时 / Dang Ni Nian Shao Shi

Broadcast Website: Youku

Broadcast Date: September 13, 2022

Genre: Modern, Romance, School, Youth

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 24

Director: Zhang Hualun

Screenwriter: Zhang Hualun, Zhang Xinyuan, Gong Yushi

Production Company: Newbuds Production, Qijia Pictures, Three Magpies

Executive Producer: Zhang Zhen, Qi Kaiwei, Yu Rumao, Chen Xiaoshu, Wang Chengrui

Producer: Wang Yang, Zhang Yi

Origin: China


The story of 5 boys and girls living in the old street of “Junma Road”. They went to the same high school and grew up together.

Zhang Xiaoran , a stubborn girl who lives on Junma Road, has four best friends: Zhu Chenghai, a poison-tongued academic genius who lives across the street; kind-hearted sunny girl Xiang Nan who could carry a bag of rice when she was just 6 years old; the handsome and quiet Zhou Rui who is Zhang Xiaooran’s cool nephew that’s one year older than her; and Lin Tao, the happy pill that everyone loves.

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