A Journey To Love Review

A Journey To Love Review
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The story starts with the war between the state of Wu and the state of An. The Emperor of State of Wu led the army and he was captured by the state of An. It’s improper to say the emperor was “captured”, let’s say he took a vacation to the state of An. To accommodate the emperor of the state of Wu, the state of An requested a huge amount of money from the state of Wu and it had to be delivered by a prince.

Princess Ying pretended to be a prince and went to the state of An. Ning Yuanzhou, on the other side, met Ren Xin, an assassin. She’s not just an assassin, she’s a legendary assassin. He saved her from being captured despite being a former boss of Liudao hall which was investigating this group of female assassins. Ning Yuanzhou is then sent on a mission to escort the princess to the state of An safely and return with the emperor. Ren Xin also goes her separate way to avenge her benefactor. Thinking they won’t see each other again, certain situations brought them together.

I never thought I’d laugh this much while watching this drama. Ren Xin just made me laugh the way she teases Ning Yuanzhou with a straight face. Especially when she was talking about having a baby, what a scene, it’s not what you’d expect from an ice-face woman like her. Speaking of Ren Xin, her chemistry with Yuanzhou is undeniable. These two make a good couple and it was clear from the very first moment they met. Only Ren Xin could handle Yuanzhou and Yuanzhou knew how to handle Ren Xin. It might have taken some encouragement from ShiSan to get them together but it was worthwhile. Still on Ren Xin, her character was protected as a badass. By protected I don’t mean she had everything easy. I mean, she lived up to her name as the number one assassin. Everyone feared her name, she always knew how to get to her target undetected. I gotta say, Yuanzhou was brave to date her😂😂😂

Princess Ying was a bit annoying at first. I don’t really blame her for being the way she is because her life wasn’t that good despite being a royal. Her k*lling Qingyun was the best decision made by the writer. She really needed that. At first, I thought Yuanzhou should just end Qingyun but Princess Ying was the best option. Qingyun was her ‘lover’ and he did her wrong in many ways. She had to grow up and face reality. She also had to be prepared for the battle they would face in An state.

She has the best character development in the drama. From being a princess just by title to being someone who knew how to stand up for herself and make her own decisions. She came a long way and I didn’t believe she’d actually end up being what she became.

Li Tongguan reminded me of that delusional Mister from Wonderland Of Love. His obsession with his master was annoying, to be honest. He knew he couldn’t have her and she even made it clear to him but he didn’t listen. But I was satisfied by the turn of events as the drama was reaching its final episode.

Something is a miss

I remember a part where they were fighting Zhou Jian, Qian Zhao said he added something to slow down Zhou’s army. He didn’t poison the water because they’re fighting Wu people (they’re from the same state). This was reasonable but afterward, they were having a serious battle, k*lling the same Wu people. It doesn’t make sense.

Another thing. I don’t really get why they leave the romance part on hold. The relationship between Chu Yue and Shisan was developing well but they suddenly cut it off and moved to something else. We then see them in a battle. I still wish Chu Yue got along with Li Tongguan instead of Shisan, there’s no reason, it’s just my personal wish.


I have seen people complaining about the ending while some had no complaints. What about you Xing Fu, you might ask. I do have complaints about the ending. I do have fire burning on my chest that I want to spit out. I have been watching this drama with excitement since the first episode. I knew that everything wouldn’t go as easy as they had planned, that’s not how life works. I was fine with seeing a few characters perish “unfairly” but this was too much.

From episode 32, my interest in the drama slowly faded. Nearly half of the characters died in just 8 episodes, 8 episodes! Some deaths were understandable but I still don’t get the motive behind 90% of the deaths. It’s like the writer just sat there like Thanos with the infinity stones and erased half of the characters for no valid reason. On top of that they give you an open ending, did I call it right?

I don’t even care if it’s an open, sad, or happy ending. The point is, that the ending was a mess. A lot of things happened and they were too much to digest within a short period. You’re trying to digest the death of this character, while you’re still at it… Someone dies💩 Talk about having power at your fingertips.


Except for the last 8 episodes, I had an incredible time watching this drama. I’m not saying the last 8 episodes are bad, they’re just not well-written. I knew what I was getting myself into when I started watching it. Some of you have advised me to prepare a box of tissues and I should’ve followed that advice. So far, this drama is indeed good. Despite all the dangerous and serious missions and goals, there was comedy. The brothers from Liudao hall were amazing to watch especially when they eavesdropped or gossiped about someone. It really showed how tight their bond is. No matter how life-threatening a situation was to them, they always remained happy and cherished every moment together. I do recommend it.


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