Open My Journals

Open My Journals Chinese drama
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Title: Open My Journals

Chinese Title: 致1999年的自己 / Zhi 1999 Nian De Zi Ji

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Youth

Director: Li Zhi

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures

Episodes: 36

Open My Journals Synopsis

Qian Jiayue, a 15-year-old “good girl”, was admitted to a key high school in the city and began to face various learning challenges. Her plan to confess her love to her neighbor’s eldest brother, the top zodiac sign Han, also ended in failure.

My godbrother is smart but always gets into trouble. Qian Jiayue met Chen Mo, a new friend with a sassy personality, and the girls grew up in their friendship. At the same time, parents are experiencing a series of life changes such as family crisis and family reorganization. After Chen Xiu’e returned to the city as an educated youth, she was not with Qian Jiayue for a long time, and there was a gap between mother and daughter. When Grandma Chen passed away, the emotional entanglement between three generations of mother and daughter was resolved.

Chen Pengyu claims to be an elite but has raised an “unsatisfactory” and rebellious daughter Chen Mo. After the conflict between father and daughter, he also realizes that each generation has a “mission”. After the strong Guan Aiping was laid off, she raised Xiao Han alone. The “little boss” Zhang Qiming learned to get along with his naughty son Mao Tou, and after several twists and turns, he reorganized his family with Guan Aiping. Times are changing, but the warm family ties remain unchanged, and the warmth of neighbors caring for each other remains unchanged.

Open My Journals Cast

Li Yun Rui as Xiao Han
Huangyang Tian Tian as Qian Jiayue
Ni Hong Jie as Chen Xiu’e
Yang Hao Yu as Zhang Qiming
Dong Jie as Guan Aiping
Yu En Tai as Qian Kang
Chen He Yi as Mao Tou
Zhang Xin Yi as Chen Mo
Huang Yi as Chang Wuji
Chen Fang Tong as Ka Men
Yang Kun as Old Madame Chen
Yue Yang as Liu Songming
Jiang Shi Meng as A Pei
Cheng Li Sha as Zhao Rongfang
Cao Wei Yu as Chen Pengyu
Lai Wei Ming as Lu Yao
Lei Song Ran as Wang Bin
Liu Zeng Yu as Liu Jianfeng

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