Palms on Love Chinese drama
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Title: Palms on Love

Chinese Title: 掌中独宠 / Zhang Zhong Du Chong

Also known As: Love in the Palm

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 23 February 2024

Genre: Republican, Romance

Director: Shen Qin Yuan

Screenwriter: Zhang Zhang

Episodes: 24

Palms on Love Synopsis

Marshal Xue Dongfeng returns from the front line to attend the funeral after hearing the news of the death of the warlord’s father and takes over as warlord. However, he discovers that his fiancée Ji Lianyun married his father as his concubine five days ago!

Xue Dongfeng believed that Ji Lianyun had betrayed him and was extremely cruel and humiliating to him. However, he always came to rescue Ji Lianyun when he was in crisis. He watched Ji Lianyun and his sworn brother Xue Zhihai get closer and closer. As he got closer, he realized that he had never forgotten that innocent first love… What Xue Dongfeng didn’t know was that the reason why Ji Lianyun married the Governor’s Mansion was for revenge. Five years ago, Ji Lianyun’s businessman father was involved in an arms trafficking case and the whole family was convicted. Before his death, her father revealed a shocking secret, and her whole family was framed by her in-law, Governor Xue. According to the testimony of Ji Lianyun’s maid, Pin’er, it was Xue Dongfeng who killed his parents in prison… Was it a bad fate or a misunderstanding?

Palms on Love Cast

Li Ruo Tian as Xue Dongfeng
Wang Yun Han as Ji Lianyun
Qi Hang as Xue Zhihai
Zhu Xin Yuan as Fang Fei

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