Qi Gen Xin Jian
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Chinese Title: 七根心简 / Qi Gen Xin Jian

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Suspense

Director: Cai Yue Xun

Producer: Liu Jia Li

Production Company: Youku, Shanghai Films & Media

Episodes: 36

Adapted from the novel “Qi Gen Xiong Jian” (七根凶简) by Wei Yu (尾鱼)

Qi Gen Xin Jian Synopsis

Ancient evil is released into the world. A group of strangers are brought together by the heinous crimes it incites. Together, they search for a way to reseal the evil.

Qi Gen Xin Jian Cast

Song Wei Long as Luo Ren
Liu Hao Cun as Mu Dai
Ao Rui Peng as Yi Wan San
Wang Yi Ting as Yan Hongsha
Zhang Yi Chi as Cao Yanhua

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