Kill My Sins Chinese drama
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Title: Kill My Sins

Chinese Title: 掌心 / Zhang Xin

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Revenge, Suspense

Director: Bai Shan

Screenwriter: Zhou A Zi

Art Director: Chen Xin

Production Company: Youku, Sheng Xi Hua Shi

Episodes: 30

Kill My Sins Synopsis

The wandering physician Ye Pingan, who was entangled in an old and secretive case, arrives in Chang’an. Accused of mystical medical interventions, she manipulates minds and evokes fear, while the low-born magistrate Yuan Shaocheng, craving power, seizes the opportunity to rise. A murder in Chang’an implicates Ye Pingan, but is she truly an innocent scapegoat or a mastermind plotting revenge? The first move in her intricate scheme has already unraveled.

Kill My Sins Cast

Liu Shi Shi as Ye Pingan
Dou Xiao as Yuan Shaocheng

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