Chinese Drama: Small & Mighty(Chen Bolin, Puff Guo, Lin Geyu)

Chinese Drama: Small & Mighty(Chen Bolin, Puff Guo, Lin Geyu)

Title: Small & Mighty

Chinese Title: 正义的算法 / Zheng Yi De Suan Fa
Broadcast Website: bilibili
Broadcast Date: June 15, 2022
Genre: Legal, Light Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 26
Director: Hsu Fu-hsiang
Production Company: bilibili, Disney


A story that brings out the legal dilemmas faced by ordinary people is told from the perspective of two quarrelsome lawyers. Liu Lang’s bachelor life is disrupted by the arrival of a little boy who claims to be his son. Furthermore, he has to partner up with rookie lawyer Lin Xiaoyan.
Liu Lang is the outstanding, prideful and charming star of the legal world. Just as he is about to be promoted, a cute and adorable Liu Liangliang comes along and claims that Liu Lang is his father. Unable to locate the little boy’s mother, Liu Lang’s unrestrained life is thrown out of gear at suddenly becoming a “dad”.
Due to circumstances, Liu Lang loses his high-flying job and finds work at a public law firm. He is forced to become partners with the hot-blooded rookie lawyer Lin Xiaoyan and learns to fight alongside different personalities in the law firm. Through the cases they tackle, Liu Lang begins to understand the true meaning of justice to see the world he once knew from a different perspective.

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