A Tale Of Love And Loyalty

Have a soft spot on her Chinese drama
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Title: A Tale Of Love And Loyalty

Chinese Title: 授她以柄 / Shou Ta Yi Bing

Also known As: Have Soft Spot for Her

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 05 February 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Zhou Xiao

Screenwriter: Zhou Mo

Producer: Ren Ming Zhu

Episodes: 20

Adapted from the web novel “Shou Ta Yi Bing” (授他以柄) by Zhou Fu Yao (周扶妖)

A Tale Of Love And Loyalty Synopsis

The emperor was seriously ill, the prince was young, the rebels were plotting rebellion, and the army was approaching the city. Her country and family were about to be destroyed, so she wrote to the King of Nanchuan and begged him. As long as he could send troops to rescue her, she would agree to any request. He finally came and saved her and her husband and children. No matter how ruthless she was, he was still reluctant to part with her, but the price still had to be paid. What he wanted was never the throne in the world, but just one person. (Translated)

A Tale Of Love And Loyalty Cast

Li Fei as Yuwen Yuan (voiced by Yu Xiong Fei)
Ming Jia Jia as Su Yan (voiced by Qiao Su)
Quan Pei Lun as Yuwen Ying Ren (voiced by Huang Wei)
Mu Le En as Su Wan (voiced by You You)
Wang Lue Tao as Chu Li (voiced by Li Jia Xiang)
Li Si Yang as Meng Chuang
Liu Xia as Zhi Lan
Song Rui En as Yuwen Chengan
Li Bing Bing as Ye Ruyu (voiced by Jiang He)
Xue Yi as Duke of Lu
Li Ao as Su Xiang
Mou Hai Yan as Grandma Li
Ma De Peng as King Yu
Wang Jing Xiao as Da Niu
Du Cong as Er Niu
Du Ze Xuan as black clothed man
Li Bin as housekeeper of Su Mansion

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