Kill Me Love Me

Kill Me Love Me
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Title: Kill Me Love Me

Chinese Title: 春花厌 / Chun Hua Yan

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Wuxia, Romance

Director: Cheng Lu, Huang Wei Jie

Screenwriter: Wen Yan, Yang Xiao Han, Wang Yi Zhao, Gan Hong Zhu, Xu Hui Miao

Producer: Hu Ke, Huang Yan Hong, Guo Lin, Bi Si

Stylist: Li Meng

Art Director: Dong Zhi Liang

Action Choreographer: Wang De Ming

Cinematographer: Zhao Ying Chuan

Music Arrangement: Lv Liang

Production Company: Youku, Perfect World Pictures

Episodes: 30

Kill Me Love Me Synopsis

Prince Murong Jinghe of Dayan led the Weibei Army to regain the lost territory of Qingzhou. After Zhanjie entered the city, Qingzhou suffered a fire. Rumors in the city were that Murong Jing and General Weibei hated the people of Qingzhou for betraying Dayan, so after entering the city, they issued the order to set fire to the city and massacre it.

As a result, he changed from General Weibei, who was a righteous man, to someone who everyone wanted to kill. General Tu. Mei Lin, a girl from Qingzhou who lost her loved ones in the fire, vowed to kill the culprit of the city with her own hands. Mei Lin entered the secret organization’s secret factory, drank the poison of Mo Vein, and became a dead soldier.

After eight years of brutal training, she received her first assassination mission. This mission was actually to assassinate her, and she had been suffering day and night for it. The ultimate enemy who took his life was the Prince of Dayan, Murong Jinghe. Therefore, under the arrangement of the secret factory, Mei Lin became one of the hundreds of Xiyan beauties who came to Xiyan to get married, and waited for an opportunity to assassinate Murong Jinghe. But what Mei Lin didn’t know was that the master of the secret factory who planned and arranged the assassination was none other than Murong Jinghe. Jing and herself.

Kill Me Love Me Cast

Main Roles

Liu Xue Yi as Murong Jin
Wu Jin Yan as Mei Lin
Bi Wen Jun as Zhao Qin
Zhao Xiao Tang as Luo Mei

Supporting Roles

Baron Chen as Murong Xuan Lie
Huang Ri Ying as Zi Gu
Jiang Kai as Emperor Yan
Jill Hsu as Royal Consort Yin
Yang Ming Na as Empress De Jia
Zhao Ya Ting as A Dai
Yan An as Mo Chen
Tan Li Min as Nanny Shang
Wang Gang as General Yin
Niu Zhi Qiang as Yang Zhen

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