The Legendary Chitose-Sama

The Legendary Chitose-Sama

Title: The Legendary Chitose-Sama

Chinese Title: 传说中的千岁大人千岁大人 / Chuan Shuo Zhong De Qian Sui Da Ren

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Chen Shi Yi, Xie Shuai

Producer: Tian Chuan

Style Director: Han Guang Ren

Production Company: Yi Qi Entertainment, Zong Heng Wen Xue, Zongheng Pictures, The Alliance of Gods, Linekong Pictures, He Yi Culture

Adapted from the novel Wu Zuo Nu Fu Ma (仵作女驸马) by Ye Wu Shuang (叶无双)

The Legendary Chitose-Sama Synopsis

The wealthy young lady Jun Qinglan had her home confiscated and her family exterminated. Her fiancé Li Congyao not only failed to save her, but also disfigured her appearance. Jun Qinglan escaped by chance and changed into the number one widower, just to reverse the case and take revenge. But she didn’t want to meet Li Congyao again. The person she once loved became cold-blooded and cruel, and even kidnapped her as a male concubine and imprisoned her. A game began again.

The Legendary Chitose-Sama Cast

Ren Yan Kai as Li Congyao
Kang Ning as Jun Qinglan
Yu Wei Ni as Jun Qinglan (young)
Shi Qing Yan as Jiang Ying
Chen Yu Cheng as Qin Mobai

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