Sunshine In Winter

Sunshine In Winter Chinese drama
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Title: Sunshine In Winter

Chinese Title: 若有寒冬遇暖阳 / Ruo You Han Dong Yu Nuan Yang

Broadcast Network: Mango TV

Broadcast Date: 15 December 2023

Genre: Romance

Director: Wu Ran, Ye Jing

Screenwriter: Huang Qi Xin

Episodes: 28

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Sunshine In Winter Synopsis

The story of the heroine Wu Weiwei, who decides to return to China to seek justice for her mother after learning the truth about her mother’s suicide. As a result, she meets Ye Jingliang, the son of the wealthy Ye family. Bring down the scumbag father and clear the mother’s wrongdoing. In the end, Wu Weiwei fell in love with Ye Jiliang and accepted his true confession.

Sunshine In Winter Cast

Xiao Ran Xin as Wu Weiwei
Wang Guan Peng as Ye Jiliang

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