Dear Mr. Recluse

Dear Mr. Recluse
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Title: Dear Mr. Recluse

Chinese Title: 亲爱的隐居先生 / Qin Ai De Yin Ju Xian Sheng

Also known As: Dear Mr Hermitage

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 31 August 2023

Genre: Romance

Director: Chen Shi Yi

Episodes: 24

Dear Mr. Recluse Synopsis

Food self-media blogger Su Shiyu, who lost several cooperations due to unfair competition, accidentally met Lin Wei, a second-generation rich man who gave up his good life and lived in seclusion in the mountains to grow tea. When his career was in desperation, Su Shiyu had to accept Lin’s father’s “special commission” – to let his son who had no interest in worldly affairs “return to the world of mortals” to inherit the family business.

Facing the “intruder” Su Shiyu, Lin Wei, who was used to being pure, felt unhappy in every way. He believed that Su Shiyu couldn’t bear the harsh life in the mountains, and his enthusiasm would soon be extinguished in three minutes. However, Su Shiyu used his enthusiasm and persistence to change Lin Wei’s view little by little. On their way to find their own direction in life and realize their dreams, the unexpected encounter between the two people brought a different kind of warmth and healing, and their love also quietly grew unknowingly…

Dear Mr. Recluse Cast

Tang Min as Su Shiyu
Chen Jing Ke as Lin Wei
Wu Di Fei as Shu Yue
Ji Tian Yu as Bai Ruan
Wang Cong as Jin Xingchen
Wang Si Jie as Luo Feifei
Zou Zi Yue as Chen Xiangxiang
Guo Zhen as Lin Xiaojian
Zhi Hong as village chief
Sun Yi Nuo as Aunt Wang
Xu Yi Wen as sister-in-law
Zhang Xin Yue as Xiao Yu
Zhou Lin as Second Aunt
Chen Lu as Lin Lan
Chen Xiao Xia as Li Lin
Li Yun as Jin Yue
Xie Shuai as Zhang Daqiang
Zhong Yun Peng as Hua Bo
Li Jun Wei as President Cai
Zhou Heng Yuan as President Zheng
He Ying Yi as Jin Na
Yang Zhong Quan as host
Wang Lan Hua as Teacher Li
Wang Ming Shuai as Director Huang
Fang Yu Xuan as Chun Huahua
Ruan Xian Hao as Niu Fangfang
Yan Yi Lin as host
Li Yan Kui as Mr. Zhao
Zhou Xi Ping as Xiao Bao
Xie Peng Lu as General Manager Wang’s assistant
Zhang Qiang as Jin Na’s husband

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