Back For You Chinese drama
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Title: Back For You

Chinese Title: 漫影寻踪 / Man Ying Xun Zong

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Republican, Suspense

Director: Ma Jia Ying

Producer: Dai Ying, Jia Zhi Qi, Wu Ying Rui

Executive Producer: Wang Xiao Hui, Chen Guo Hui, Gong Yu

Production Company: Shanghai Film Group

Episodes: 12

Back For You Synopsis

In the early years of the Republic of China, Alai, a police officer in the concession, was hunted down by a vicious gang. When his life was hanging by a thread, he was rescued by a mysterious woman Luna who appeared out of thin air. Luna was seriously injured and fell into a coma. Alai investigated Luna’s identity, but found no such person.

Alai used the twelve comic books she carried with her to tell her stories, hoping to awaken her savior. Unexpectedly, every story is related to the cases Alai has handled, and can even guide Alai to find the key to solving the case. Alai looked forward to Luna waking up more and more. Alai was promoted and received a salary increase because of his merits in solving the case, but he also secretly made his enemies. Alai discovered Luna’s secret through clues. When one of the comics was read, Luna woke up. The two are in love with each other, and Alai’s enemies are also ready to take action. In the end, with the help of Luna, Alai regained his peace and simplicity and his original intention of being a policeman

Back For You Cast

Angelababy as Lu Na
Wang An Yu as A Lai
Kuang Mu Ye as A Jia
Zhang Yu Jian as Mu Xuefeng / Zi Dan
Yu Xiao Tong as A Ming
Cheng Xiao as Chun Ying
Sheng Ying Hao as Jia Hua
Zhang Hai Yu as Yuan San
Chen Bo Hao as A Feng
Wang Zi Xuan as Liu Meng / Xiao Rou

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