A Different Mr. Xiao

A Different Mr. Xiao
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Title: A Different Mr. Xiao

Chinese Title: 不一样的萧先生 / Bu Yi Yang De Xiao Xian Sheng

Broadcast network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 22 August 2023

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Director: Zhao Xi Xi

Screenwriter: Zhao Xi Xi, Ge Wen Ting

Production Company: iQiyi

Episodes: 24

A Different Mr. Xiao Synopsis

Xiao Jing, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, treats his patients as gently and kindly as as spring breeze, but treats irrelevant people coldly. Song Yiju is a brave and daring webtoon blogger and live-streaming celebrity who suddenly breaks into his life.

Song Yiju, a senior student at the Traditional Chinese Medicine University, has long relied on the assistance of teaching assistant Xiao Jing to pass her water-related courses. The two, who have known each other for many years, have always maintained a mutually beneficial relationship. However, after a daytime meteor shower, Xiao Jing begins to act strangely, leaving Song Yijv puzzled and raising a small alarm in her mind.

Indeed, the current Xiao Jing is a person from a future time and space. He has infiltrated the present reality in pursuit of a rare medicinal herb. His mission is to get close to Song Yiju’s grandfather and seize the opportunity to steal the herb. Unexpectedly, due to a three-month time deviation caused by the time travel, Song Yiju’s grandfather entrusts her care to Xiao Jing, creating a challenging situation for him.

Determined to achieve his goal, Xiao Jing forces himself to engage in awkward social interactions. Yet, the spirited and bright Song Yijv gradually warms his heart, becoming the antidote to his inner struggles. However, the shadow of separation quietly approaches as their bond deepens.

A Different Mr. Xiao Cast

Zhao Yi Qin as Xiao Jing
Duan Xing Yu as Song Yiju
Liu Wei Xu as Ouyang Yu
Xiao Xu as Xu Huaicong
Zhao Qi Yue as Wei Yuwen
Jiang Yuan Ya Rong as Gu Xiaoxiao
Xiong Wen Wen as Xiao Sa
Wang Jun Ren as Dong Yunfeng
Chen Dan Lu as Song Yiyuan
Gong Xun as Bo Yan
Xu Zhen Zhen as Luo Lingli
Yang Lan as Sun Xiuqin
Sun Yi Chen as Xu Jialu
Zhou Xuan as Yang Jingyi
Yang Jin Jie as Liang Xueyan
Li Shi Jie as Yu Xinxin
Zhang Yin Long as Jin Wen
Han Lu as Liang Tian
Li Si Nan as Wen Bo
Jiang Bo Ning as Teacher Qin
Shao Xiao Jiang as Zhang Jilong
Huang Weias Shen Zhengping
Chen Jie as Teacher Zheng
Ning Yue as Xu Ling
Xiao Hai Yang as Li Xinghe
Nie Jia Le as Xiao Jing
Lu Zhong as Xiao Zhiwen
Wang Kun as Lin Peiyi
Zhang Lei as Nan Si
Yang Chun Rui as Secretary Zhang
Hu Li as Zhang Jianguo

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