The Longest Promise

The Longest Promise Chinese drama
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Title: The Longest Promise

Chinese Title: 玉骨谣 / Yu Gu Yao

Also known As: 朱颜 / Zhu Yan

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 02 July 2023

Genre: Xuanhuan, Romance

Director: Jiang Jia Jun

Screenwriter: Wu Ying Ying

Producer: Li Er Yun, Huang Xing, Yu Cheng Jia, Zhang Rui Ling, He Zhi Chang

Action Director: Fan Zhan Hong

Art Director: Li Xian Chang

Costume Designer: Hou Yun Yi

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Jinghe Media

Episodes: 40

The Longest Promise Synopsis


The story takes place in Kong Sang Continent, and revolves around the tumultuous love story between Zhu Yan, princess of the Chi Yi Tribe and Shi Ying, a royal prince. Shi Ying’s mother was framed, and he was banished to Jiu Yi Mountain to cultivate.

Originally focused on nothing but cultivation, he began to develop romantic feelings for Zhu Yan, his disciple. However because of their relationship as teacher and student, both of them do not voice out their feelings. Fate also stands in their way when they stood on opposite sides in political struggle and undergo life and death situations. However, they eventually put aside their issues, and work together hand-in-hand to protect Kong Sang Continent.

The Longest Promise Cast


Main Roles

Xiao Zhan as Shi Ying
Ren Min as Zhu Yan (voiced by Xu Jia Qi)

Supporting Roles

Kong Sang Royal Family


He Sheng Ming as Bei Mian Emperor (voiced by Tang Shui Yu)
Zeng Li as Bai Yan (voiced by Ma Hai Yan), Empress of Kong Sang. Shi Ying’s mother
Chen Xin Yu as Songstress Qiu Shui, royal consort. A Jiao person
Chen Zi Han as Qing Yun (voiced by Wang), royal consort
Ye Sheng Jia as Shi Yu (voiced by Sun Zhi Cheng), second prince. Son of Qing Yun
Xu Xing Cheng as Shi Yu (young)

Jiu Yi Mountain


Han Dong as Bai Yu / Da Si Ming (voiced by Peng Yao), Shi Ying’s teacher
Li Ming De as Chong Ming (voiced by Zhang He), immortal bird. Shi Ying’s companion
Zhang Qun Fei as Feng Sikong
Li Xi Chen as Yu Sikong
Huang You Tian as Lei Sikong
Hou Li as Dian Sikong

Chi Tribe


Ren Min as Zhi Chu Fei Li, ancestor of Chi Tribe. Zhi Yuan’s beloved
Guo Jun as Zhu Gaoxu, Prince Chi (voiced by Gao Xu Dong)
Yang Ming Na as Zhu Yuanxiang, Princess Consort Chi
Fang Yi Lun as Zhi Yuan (voiced by Yang Kai Qi), Chi Manor housekeeper. Jiao person
Fu Bo Han as Zhi Yuan (young)
Ding Jie as Yu Fei, Zhu Yan’s attendant
Wang Fei as Chi Song, servant of Chi Manor

Bai Tribe

Zhang Lei as Prince Bai Jingan
Wang Chu Ran as Bai Xuelu (voiced by Lu Xiao Man), first princess of Bai Tribe
Lu Yu Xiao as Bai Xueying (voiced by Shi Yan Yan), second princess of Bai Tribe
Fan Lin Feng as Bai Fenglin (voiced by Ma Yu Fei)

Qing Tribe


Ruan Sheng Wen as Prince Qing Dongfang (voiced by Luan Li Sheng)
Wang Zi Qi as Qing Gang (voiced by Zhang Fu Zheng)

Lan Tribe

Ren Xi Hong as Prince Lan Tianyu
Yu Xuan Chen as Lan Xiqiao

Ice Tribe

Gallen Lo as Lang Xuan / Xing Zun Emperor (voiced by Liu Cong), creator of the Kong Sang Universe and current sage of Ice Tribe
Chen Jun An as Wu Xian
Zhu Xiang as Bing Wu

Huo Tu Tribe

Hei Zi as Old Lord
Hu Cai Hong as Big Consort
Ci Sha as Prince Ke Erke, Zhu Yan’s marriage partner
Tong Hu as Big Wizard


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