The Land Of Warriors

The Land Of Warriors Chinese drama
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Title: The Land Of Warriors

Chinese Title: 斗罗大陆2 / Dou Luo Da Lu 2

Also known As: Douluo Continent 2 / 绝世唐门 / Jue Shi Tang Men

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Xuanhuan, Action, Adventure

Director: Wei Li Zhou

Screenwriter: Tian Liang Liang

Producer: Li Li Ming, Cai Jia, Liu Jia, Hou Ya Nan

Executive Producer: Wang Juan, Fang Fang, Bai Yi Cong, Wang Ying

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Linghe Media

Episodes: 38

The Land Of Warriors Synopsis


After the finals of the All-Continent Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Competition, Tang San said goodbye to his friends. They agreed to reunite in five years and then parted ways to embark on their paths in life. Afterwards, Tang San followed his father Tang Hao to the Hidden Valley for special training to improve his abilities.

With Tang Hao’s help, Tang San became calmer as he gained experience, able to face more challenges maturely; Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing were recognized by their families and became the crown prince and quasi-princesses of Xingluo; Xiao Ao and Ning Rongrong To enhance his strength, he began arduous training; Ma Hongjun also went on study tours and worked hard to broaden his horizons.

However, at this moment, Wuhun Palace Bibi Dong secretly planned to sweep through several major sects in an attempt to dominate Douluo Continent. So Tang San gathered his partners to found the Tang Sect, adhering to the pursuit of justice and shouldering the heavy responsibility firmly. They work together to bravely enter Poseidon Island, fight against Wuhun Palace, defy dark forces and powerful forces, work together to maintain peace across the continent, uphold justice, and grow into indomitable warriors together.

The Land Of Warriors Cast


Main Roles

Zhou Yi Ran as Tang San
Zhang Yu Xi as Xiao Wu
Chen Mu Chi as Dai Mubai
Kong Xue Er as Zhu Zhuqing
TBA as Ao Sika
Zhou Jing Bo as Ning Rongrong
Ding Jia Yi as Ma Hongjun

Supporting Roles


Jing Ci as Bai Chenxiang
Li Xiao Ran as Bi Bidong
Shao Bing as Tang Hao
Jackie Lui as Yu Xiaogang
Chen Zi Han as Liu Erlong
Xu Jia Qi as Hu Liena
Liu Xie Ning as Qian Renxue
Xie Zu Wu as Ning Fengzhi
Zhang Ming En as Xue Qinghe
Li Ya Nan as Fo Lande
Zhou Fang as Tang Yuehua
Yu Bo as Qian Daoliu


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