Qing Lou (Liu Xueyi, Wang Ziwei and Daisy Dai) 2021 Chinese Drama Review

It’s has been months since Qing Lou hit our screens but I didn’t have time to watch and I also didn’t think it would be great since no one was talking about it. I decided to give it a try and see whether I will waste my time or not. This is a full review on Qing Lou.

qing lou chinese drama

First impressions.

The first episode wasn’t that convincing but the comedy in the drama boosted it especially the little kid Nan’nan who is very smart and naughty. It had built lot of questions about the storyline and Nan’nan’s father which is another reason for me to keep watching the drama. The storyline of the Ghost Physician also caught my eye, historical drama always come up with unique and mysterious storylines, how could a 6 year old take a grown man as his student 😂 nice! suddenly we come to know that Qing Lou may not be who she is because she lost her memories and Ye Xiudu is also having a blood phobia condition (same old, highly skilled female lead as the doctor and a male lead with a medical condition) but thank God they didn’t focus on that plot.

The Good.

1. Great Quality.

For a low budgeted drama, the quality of Qing Lou is no different from the one of dramas with higher production costs.

2. Entertaining Storylines.

The writers did an incredible job with the storylines and their connections. They managed to come up with different challenges in each episode without abandoning the original plot.

3. Great Casting.

Firstly, let me just give credits to Liu Xueyi. He is an incredible actor, you can connect with each character he portrays. if he plays a villain, you will definitely hate him ( Love and redemption is proof) If he plays a hero, you will have no choice but to favour him. Another personal appreciation to Daisy Dai, I known her from The Eternal Love, Storm Eye and all I can say is that she is a great and versatile actress. All the other cast were amazing especially for the little Nan’Nan, I can’t help but to imagine his acting skills in the future.

4. Good Music.

I usually don’t focus much on music when watching a drama but some songs are so addictive. The opening song of Qing Lou is definitely my favorite song in the drama.

5. Impressive Martial art choreography.

Some historical drama have this plague of having a good storyline, great actors and a higher budget but end up having the worst martial art choreography. In most historical dramas, we first check the fighting scenes and the choreography, if it sucks then its ten points down. Qing Lou had a better choreography compared to some of the dramas I watched this year, the fight scenes were worthy to watch.

6. No dragging.

You know that the writers wanted to push the storyline to reach episode 40 the moment they start adding unnecessary scenes. Qing Lou may have 24 episodes but dragging is highly possible in a 24 episode drama. I didn’t notice any dragging while watching the drama and I’m grateful for that.

The Bad.

It may be surprising to those who follow up with every review I write on this blog when I say I didn’t find any negative thing about the drama. My only complaint is related to Ye Xiudu’s phobia. Ye Xiudu has a blood phobia but there was a scene where Nan’Nan showed him blood and he didn’t faint, did the production team make a mistake?


If you’re looking for a short historical drama with a good love story, Qing Lou is a must watch drama. This drama is highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t watched it and if you have watched it, then I know that you’re planning to rewatch it.

Ratings: 10/10

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