Sacrifice for Love

Sacrifice for Love Chinese drama
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Title: Sacrifice for Love

Chinese Title: 倾爱 / Qing Ai

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 02 April 2024

Genre: Republican, Romance

Director: Qu Shihang

Screenwriter: Pan Feng Wen, Luo Yu Qing

Episodes: 24

Sacrifice for Love Synopsis


The murder of a dancer sets off a chain reaction of dark forces in Nancheng during the Republican era. Gu Manqing witnesses her sister’s murder by Lu Yichuan’s hands on her wedding day. She escapes, starting a new life with a new identity. It had seemed like Gu Manqing marrying into wealth would be a chance at happiness, but for the former dancing girl, it’s the first step towards revenge. Risking everything, she becomes a stepmother in Lu Yichuan’s family, launching a lethal revenge plan. However, as she closes in on her target, she uncovers a larger conspiracy at play.

Sacrifice for Love Cast


Qiu Ding Jie as Lu Qianchuan
Cao Ming Yue as Gu Manqing / Su Kenian / Gu Manxi
Zhang Hai Feng as Lu Ding
Wu Ya Lu as Lu Xiaoqian
Liu Nian as Zhang Rong
Gao Yao Han as as Xiao Chun


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