Drama Review: The Psychologist (Yang Zi, Jing Boran)

Drama Review: The Psychologist (Yang Zi, Jing Boran)

Today’s review is going to be a little different from the usual ones because this drama isn’t the same as most dramas. The psychologist is a Chinese Drama starring Yang Zi and Jing Boran and this is it’s full review. There’s no first impressions, The Good and The bad on this review, I’ll just discuss everything in one place.

This drama’s main focus is on mental health and as we know, mental health is an issue to our society especially the current generation. It aims to educate society about the mental issues we face in life and how we should react when we are in a certain situation. By watching this drama, I began to see the world in a different angle and learnt a lot about humans and different experiences they encounter. Even though it’s scripted, you can feel what the writers wanted to teach us and some of the problems the characters encountered are the same problems we experienced in our daily lives and they are also the same problems our neighbours, friends and family members experience.

Although this drama mainly focuses on psychology, they also added relatable plots like He Dun and Qian Kaiyi’s relationship which started back in high school, Ye Jiahui’s childhood and Tang Lili’s ups and downs in life. They knew that it would be boring if they only focused on psychology and what’s a better way to make sure that the viewers get the message than adding some scenes that they could relate to? There’s still He Dun’s sessions. One thing that kept me watching this drama with all of my attention was the therapy sessions. I didn’t find them interesting because I love gossips but because they turn what the patient was saying and made it look as if it was presently happening. This made the therapy sessions easier to understand and you eventually become part of it.

All is well with the drama, I nearly forgot that I watched Jing Boran in Monster Hunt movie. Ye Jiahui’s character was a little unrealistic, they made him look like a character in a fantasy movie. Psychologist is a great drama to watch, you should watch it when you are free and judging by the ending, it seems like we will get the second season of the drama… I can’t wait!!!

Ratings: 10/10

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